William F. Cann

William Cann completed his architectural training at Washington University (St. Louis) in 1941 and joined the Bank Building & Equipment Corporation staff as a draftsman in 1948.  He received a license to practice architecture in the state of New York in 1957 where he designed at least four structures during his career.  Cann was promoted to President of Bank Building & Equipment Corporation in the mid-1960s, he retired in 1976 after twenty-eight years with the firm.  Named vice-chairman at that time, he continued to serve as a consultant.

Cann is responsible for some of the Bank Building & Equipment Corporation’s most unique architecture including the Elmhurst Branch of Jamaica Savings (NY) completed in 1968, the Washington Federal Savings & Loan of Nampa (ID) completed in 1962, the First National Bank of Mobile (AL)  completed in 1965, and the design for the Howard Johnson’s Gate Lodge, c. 1958, and used prominently nationwide by the orange-roofed motel chain.

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