By the early 1950s, other popular industries had begun the widespread use branding.  Beyond just their signage, branding came to include the full architectural design of structures such as hotels, motels, restaurants, and gas stations.

The Bank Building & Equipment Corporation of America was largely responsible for ushering in the ideas of branding to the banking industry after World War II.  As the company was involved in the hotel/motel and restaurant industries through design, construction, and remodeling, they were able to implement the same practices with the banking industry to the same great efficiency as constructing a stand-alone bank.  However, branch banks that now incorporated similar design elements became that much more efficient and affordable to design and build because a template existed for their production.

One of the first bank branding projects involved the series of banks built by Perpetual Savings Association in Washington, D.C. and Maryland over the span of twelve years.

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