Promotional Materials

Besides one-to-two page advertisements, several major promotional materials were produced by the company in order to further define the history, educate potential clients, and build new relationships.  The following are the known promotional materials developed by Bank Building & Equipment Corporation:

  • 1950 – 1) “What Happens After a Bank Modernizes.” Report of 50 banks that modernized between 1946-1949.  2) “Portfolio of Photos” featuring 25 of America’s most unusual, new banking quarters!
  • 1955-56 – “Banker’s Guide to Profitable New Quarters” Including a no obligation free consultation with the company at the headquarters or maybe by telephone.  Likely includes results of survey of 95 banks in between 1950-1953 showing the profitable returns of modernization.
  • 1962 – “Time of Design: Is now the time to build new quarters?”  Also had a fifteen-minute color film called TIMING available and could make arrangements to screen it for them.
  • 1963 – “How to take the risk out of remodeling.”
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